Ninja Vs Vitamix Blender Comparison

ninja vs vitamix

Last Updated: June 12, 2018

Are you searching for an unbiased Ninja Vs Vitamix blender comparison guide or feeling stuck on choosing the best blender for making soups, smoothies, or sauces?

​Do you need a blender that can manipulate any form of ingredient to give you only the best puree? You are not alone!

We all have different reasons to go for a particular brand of a blender. Most people find it difficult to select the right blender that is suitable for them.

Therefore, today we are going to compare two most popular blender brands right now in the market. Both of the brands have plenty of models, but we have chosen two popular models and they are - Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Vs Vitamix 5200.

Hopefully, after reading this blender comparison you can find the right one for your needs. Best of Luck!

Ninja Vs Vitamix : Comparison By Design

We’ll take it a step further and take a look at the design for each brand. We have taken apart every part and we’ll run through an in-depth detail of the power base, blade design, speeds and size.

Power Base:

These two products are powerful enough for blending various ingredients. The Power base is the most important factor that affects the true performance of blenders.

  • The Ninja comes with a 1000-1500 watt power base. The Ninja blender handles fruits smoothies easily, but often has difficulty in some more demanding tasks like blending of nuts, butter and whole frozen fruits.
  • While Vitamix, on the other hand, has a 1380-watt power base with the ability to handle anything you put in the blender. The result you get from using Vitamix is a consistent and smooth texture of your ingredients.

Blade Design & Speed:


Ninja Kitchen 1500 Blade Design

Vitamix 5200 Blade

​Vitamix 5200 Blade Design

#Ninja Blender Blade: Ninja mega kitchen system blender comes with a vertical 6-blade tower attachment; you can remove the blade attachment easily whenever you want to clean it. These six thin sharpened metal blades alternate up a center post. However, you have to be very careful when dealing with the blade, because it’s very sharp and can cut your hand easily although the blades get dull over time.The Ninja can run perfectly up to 24,000 RPMs, on speed setting 3 which is the highest speed.

#Vitamix Blender Blade: Vitamix on the other hand, comes with a strong laser-cut four-prong stainless steel blade, the housing and the entire blade is made of metal. Two of these blades are cutting blades, while the other two are blunt hammermill blades. The Vitamix blade is very strong and does not lose its sharp edge even when used up to a thousand times.It has a great variable speed control which can amazingly range from 500 to 37,000 RPM. This is an opportunity for you to efficiently accomplish a lot of tasks that most blenders on the market can’t handle.

Ninja Vs Vitamix: Built-in Quality

One of the major difference between the accessories of both Ninja and Vitamix is the material from which they were made. The Vitamix is made of metal parts and this makes it more durable and robust. While most of the Ninja blender  are made of rubber and plastic for its jug connections, and the cheap plastic parts often wear out rather quickly. Click here for Ninja Mega kitchen system Current price.

​The Vitamix blending machine comes with a clean, single, double walled insulated cup that carries out every blending tasks thrown at it while the Ninja’s clear plastic cup does not come in a double-walled insulation and this limits its functions.

Vitamix Vs Ninja: Winner

Both Vitamix and Ninja blender have enough motor power that gives them the ability to blend almost everything. However, the Vitamix wins in this comparison because of its blade speed, which can go up to 37,000 RPM while Ninja can only go up to 24,000 RPM.

Also, when it comes to the blades, Vitamix has a combination of cutting and hammermill blades, which gives it that added crushing power that you won’t see with the Ninja. So, for these two reasons we declare the Vitamix winner and our best blender. Click here for Vitamix 5200 Current Price.

Ninja Vs Vitamix: Comparison By Accessories

Both Vitamix and Ninja have a variety of containers, and this gives you the flexibility to select any size of your choice for use.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Ninja container options include a variety of jars.The Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with the following accessories:

  •  A xl 72Oz blender pitcher with a total crushing blade for the whole family serving.
  • A 64oz (8 cups) food processor bowl with chopping blade & dough hook.
  • Two 16Oz single serving cups with extractor blade for personalized drinks.

N.BNinja requires the Dough Paddle attachments and Dough Blades with the 64Oz bowl, which is available with the Ninja Mega Kitchen System or separately.

Vitamix 5200 Blender

  • A standard 64Oz container with attached blade assembly and two-part lid. The container is ideal for blending medium to large batches of ingredients.
  • A standard tamper which is used to push ingredients down into the blade especially for processing solid foods.
  • A getting started step-by-step guide with tips and recipes.
  • A getting started cooking class-themed DVD.

Control & Ease of Use

Ninja 1500 watts Mega Kitchen System


Ninja Mega Kitchen System Control Panel

This brand comes with touch pad buttons for power (turns it on/off), a 3-set speed and pulse button (some Ninja models have an additional single serve speed button), which are meant for different tasks.

  • Speed 1 is usually used for dough making.
  • Speed 2 is for blending.
  • Speed 3 is for frozen drinks (ice-crushing).

The single serve alternative button gives additional control for users and most reviews forget to mention this fact. The button is meant to be used with smaller jars forming the system and the food-processing job is done within the twinkle of an eye.

​Positioned on the left side of the blender base is a lock-in lever for activating the suction feet. This lock-in lever adds stability and holds the blender in place while in use.

​In preparing the Ninja blender for use, the container is aligned with the base and for the safety tabs to be pushed down and secure, the container has to be rotated left. According to the printed arrows, the lid locking handle must remain in an upright positioned and sealed. For the lid latches to fit snugly under the container tabs, you need to push down the locking handle.

Vitamix 5200 Blender


The Vitamix 5200 has a Hi/Lo switch, used in changing from manual variable speed (Low) to Maximum speed (High). With Vitamix unique true variable speed dial, you have total control over your blending tasks and consistency.

How to Get Started?

First of all, place the container on the rubber landing pad. The blade is fixed so there's no need to handle it at all. Then,  Drop the ingredients into the container. Then place the rubber lid on top and plug it in. Turn it on​. You're all set.

When using Vitamix, you do not have to worry about blending sticky solids, like- almond or nut butter. It comes with a tamper that allows you to push ingredients down near the blade without stopping blending. 

One cool thing about Vitamix 5200 is the existence of lid plug onto the top of the rubber lid, which allows you to drop more ingredients into the container and push down the solid ingredients by the tamper while it's running.

Overall Opinion:

On the one hand, I can see the fewer variable speeds of ninja may be their simplicity of use. But, on the other hand, the whole blending process with the Ninja mega kitchen system seems very inflexible and rigid, especially compared with the Vitamix 5200 blender model.

Ninja Vs Vitamix: Blending Performance

You can write a lot of review about the blender's design, accessories, sizes etc. But their core features are the end result and blending quality. Here we will take a look at the performance of both Vitamix and Ninja brands. Note that the Vitamix has metal to metal link for the cup and power base while the Ninja is all plastic and this makes the Vitamix more durable as it delivers on high performance.Let's watch the video:

Both blenders were put to a challenge of making hot soups & smoothies and here are the results.

Making fruits and vegetable smoothies:

Both the blender can create delicious and healthy smoothies. Some fruits and vegetables like- tomatoes, carrots, cucumber etc. were cut up and blended with both brands for a few minutes. The Vitamix produced a tasty, smooth and well-blender smoothie, but the Ninja had a bit of grit and the consistency was not smooth enough. It also came out a bit darker and didn’t look too appealing. So for this round, the Vitamix brand wins! See the end result below.The smoothie in LHS glass is the result of Vitamix and the RHS glass is the result of Ninja Mega 1500 watt blender.


Making hot soups:

Next was the soup making challenge. Note that both do not have any heating elements, but the soup is made hot from the friction that is generated from the blending action. We carried out a test by blending some soup base with vegetables using each of the brand and allowed it to run for five minutes each.

Ninja produced the soup that was well blended but it remained cold (76.4 F) while the Vitamix produced a steamy hot soup (152.5 F) with smooth and rich consistency. Remember that, soup stayed hot for more than 30 minutes in the Vitamix containers. So once again the Vitamix wins this round.

N.B: If you're a soup lover who likes to have a blender for making soup without investing a good amount of money for Vitamix than the Nutribullet Rx will be your best choice. This low-cost blender will keep you sufficiently happy. Click here for Nutribullet Rx current price.

Ninja Blender soup temperature


Vitamix Blender soup temperature


Pro-tips: For the best result of your blends and tastes, it is recommended that you use filtered water while making smoothies for the best taste. You can also cut up your vegetables into smaller chunks to make it easier to blend and cut down your blending time.

Our Verdict:

In terms of making smoothies and fruit drinks, both the blender are perform well. So if you only plan on making smoothies alone, the Ninja Mega 1500 watt blender will make you sufficiently happy.

If you want your blender to become an indispensable tool that can handle most of the difficult task like- making creamy desserts & hot soup - the Vitamix 5200 is well worth the money. 

Which Blender Is Easier To Keep Clean?

When cleaning the two blenders, it is very important to wash and rinse your blender container immediately after use for easy dislodgment of ingredients.

All Ninja attachments and blades can be removed for washing and they are dishwasher safe. So you can go through all the parts in the dishwasher without the blade. The blade has to be cleaned manually and you have to be extremely very careful when removing  it, in order to avoid cutting yourself with the sharp blade.

The Vitamix 5200 model is not dishwasher safe.To clean your Vitamix, here’s a quick tip. Add some detergent and warm water immediately after an initial rinse and place it on the blender base. Blend it on high for 5-10 seconds and finish-up the cleaning process with a quick rinse and hand wash it thoroughly. Be informed that the Vitamix bottom based housing cannot be removed easily to access the blades for cleaning.

Our Opinion:

So you can see how the ninja's containers and blade being dishwasher safe is nice. But you've to manually remove and clean the blade which is an extremely time-consuming process. On the other hand the Vitamix can clean itself and it's one of the  biggest selling points for them.

Versatility: What can these two blenders do beyond smoothies and blended drinks?

A great blender is not only able to make smoothies and drinks but also can do some other serious job as well. Like- making peanut/almond butter, frozen desserts etc. Both of these two kitchen appliance were put to a challenge of doing some hard task and here are the results.

Almond Butter Test:

We know that, Almond butter is an advanced thing to make in a blender. For this test, we will make nut butter using some raw almond with a little bit of oil. First of all we will put the almonds into the both blender and then turn the switch on. We will run the blending process for 60 seconds.The result :

​The Vitamix produced a dark & creamy almond butter, while the Ninja produced a chunky almond butter something like an almond meal.


Ice cream Test:

For this test, some fruits like- frozen bananas and frozen strawberries were blended with both brands for a minute. When the Ninja was used to blend frozen fruits, the blender got unwieldy with large pieces of bananas still present. The Vitamix, on the other hand, did a much better job. Look at the screenshot below:


If you look close, you can see the consistency. The dessert produced by the Vitamix looks like ice cream and the Ninja come with a dessert looks like fruit mash.

Our Verdict:

So let's bring it all together. The Ninja can do most of the basic things like- making fruit smoothies and fruit drinks. On the other hand, the Vitamix is capable of doing all sorts of things with great consistency. 

Ninja Vs Vitamix: Which blender is the Best choice for you?

The two products (Vitamix and Ninja) are great and powerful. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Before deciding on the brand that is good for you, there are some things you should consider. 

You should select the Ninja brand if:

  • You won’t be using it heavily or on a regular basis.
  • You want to use it for the household.
  • You are a busy single professional.
  • Your want to buy a budget friendly blender.
  • ​You mostly need it for making fruit drinks and smoothies.
  • You are not using it for grain grinding.

But if these are not the option you need, then you should go for the Vitamix brand. This brand is best if-

  • You plan on making hot soup without a stove and grinding grains.
  • You value total control more than the speed.
  • You want to use it for the commercial restaurants.
  • ​A powerful/industrial blender is what you want.
  • You like using a blender frequently/on a regular basis.
  • you want your blends and smoothies to be very smooth.
  • You like and value the 7-year warranty that is placed on it.

Vitamix Vs Ninja: Final Verdict

Both products are powerful and unique in their way. Every information you need has been discussed in details. But, let me add these useful points, Vitamix is backed by the industry’s best warranty ever, the Vitamix is well known in making fantastic smooth green smoothies, while Ninja, on the other hand, failed in making smooth, green smoothies. While Vitamix blender is easier to clean, Ninja is a bit difficult to clean because of the intricacies of design.

​Both blenders have a lot to offer, but the one that will work for you depends on your needs. This will vary from your budget to choice in functions. Go ahead and decide on what you need, then match it up with any of these wonderful brands.

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