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A Beginners Detoxification Guide for Energy and Vitality

Do you know that your body is exposed to more than 2.5 billion pounds of numerous toxic substances every year?​Research has shown that the emergence of the industrial development has led to the discharge of about eighty thousand contaminated chemicals into the environment. Few of these toxic chemicals have undergone decontamination procedures that render them […]


How To Make Green Smoothies For Weight loss: Beginner’s Guide

Have you been finding it difficult to lose weight? ​You have tried everything (or almost everything) under the sun, all in a bid to shed excess weight. But nothing seems to be working.​Would you be willing to try one more solution that will give you your desired result?​You have probably heard of but have not given […]


Top 10 Health Benefits Of Smoothies – Backed By Science

Do you enjoy a glass of your favorite smoothie every now and then?Have you been consistent in your smoothie regime? Then you have been gaining a lot and you didn’t even know it!Research has proven that smoothies are rich in anti-oxidants and help to promote your overall health.Drinking smoothies are one of the easiest ways of […]


17 Proven Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

You are probably taking vinegar for your health benefits. But have you ever considered taking apple cider vinegar instead?Apple cider vinegar is one kind of vinegar which is made out of apple must. The benefits of having apple cider vinegar are amazing. From your weight to aging problem or from heart problem to your energy […]

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