10 Best George Foreman Grill Reviews

Last Updated: July 2, 2018

Best George Foreman Grill: Our Top Pick

After doing an in-depth research in evaluating the available George Foreman Grills models, we've picked the WinnerThe George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evolve Grill is our Top pick for the Best George Foreman Grill overall, because of its removal plates, consisting heating and easy to wipe out.

The grill plates are covered with advanced ceramic coating that simplifies the cleaning process and reduces the use of excess oil & butter. It is your best bet to enjoy the real outdoor grilling taste at home.  Read More Details.

For Both indoor/outdoor grill we concluded the George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Silver, GGR50B. It has a big circular grill surface with long lasting non-stick coating which allows you to cook food for a large group of people. 

If you ask the people about the George Foreman Grills, they can easily identify, because most of the grill lovers know about these grills. They have been widely accepted grilling machines to the users all around the world, especially in North America.

best george foreman grill

George Foreman Grill

Interestingly, due to the immense popularity of the grills, people even don’t want to know the manufacturer. The Salton Inc. (a well-known company) manufactured the first one of the George Foreman Grill Series in 1994 on the name of boxing giant George Foreman.

Soon it had received a huge popularity and the company started to produce other models of the grills. The George Foreman Grill have already been the users’ choice!

The George Foreman Grills were introduced as indoor grills initially. Later, they have started to produce outdoor grills too. Usually, the grills assist to reduce the fat content from the meats while cooking the foods by enabling meat drippings.

Throughout the previous years, the Salton Inc. has produced plenty of grills under this series.

Here in this article, I will try to help the buyers & users to find out, a top rated George Foreman Grill which is best for them, from the huge numbers of available models and types.

I will include a brief yet pointy George Foreman grill comparison chart too.

Our Top 10 George Foreman Grill Comparison Chart

ModelGrill TypeServings Size​Best FeatureAccessoriesBuy Now
Our #1 Choice

Premium Grill5 servingDigital Control PanelCeramic Grilling Plates,
Waffle Plates
Economical Choice

Basic Grill4 serving35% Faster CookingNo

G.F GR0040B
Basic Grill2 ServingNonstick cooking surface.NO

G.F GRP4-1
Advanced Grill5 ServingFat-draining designNO

Premium Grill5 ServingVersatile cooking facilitiesWaffles plate,
Panini plates,
Grilling plates,
Baking pan,
Griddle plates.

G.F GR2144P
Basic Grill9 ServingPreheat indicator lightNO

Advanced Grill6 ServingDigital timerNO

Premium Grill5 ServingUp to 500°F Searing Button.Premium ceramic grill,
Panini plates,
Nonstick waffle plates.

Indoor/Outdoor Grill15 ServingAdjustable temperature controlRemovable Stand

Indoor/Outdoor Grill12 ServingDrip Tray UnitRemovable Stand

George Foreman Grill – Brief History and Significance (Till Date)

Already you have got the key history of the George Foreman Grills in the introductory words. The full George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine is commonly called as the George Foreman Grills. Since its inception, more than 100 million grilling machines (different models) have been sold globally.

Once it was a single model; later, it expanded very fast. After 2006 it included two different specific types of grilling series in its line – “Next Grilleration” and “Evolve Grill”. There are plenty of models of these series, and nearly all of them are currently available on the market.

George Foreman Grilling Series

The “Next Grilleration” series:  In 2006, the company first introduced this series. Every model from this series comes with detachable plates along with various control interfaces and design. As the plates are removable, so they are easy to clean. 


The “Evolve Grill” series:  After the successful journey of the "Next Grilleration" series, the company launched a new series called the "Evolved Grill" in 2014. The noticeable features of this series are interchangeable ceramic plates, clam-shell design, and multiple plates including- grilling, waffle, muffin etc. The models of this series are the most upgraded version of George Foreman grilling line. 

Take a look at the short video of George Foreman Evolve Grill series:

If you see the present machines, you will find a lot of differences from the primary models. Initially, they were made for bachelors, personal trainers, or apartment dwellers

Later, the use and purchase have been widely spread rapidly and become one of the most popular grilling machines of all time. Still, it’s rising gradually and becoming a ubiquitous kitchen appliance like the microwave or the blender.

As the manufacturer has expanded the numbers of production and their capacity, so the machines have become a family choice or party choice as well nowadays.

Currently, there are four categories of grilling machines that can offer service from bachelors to bigger families. The four categories are-

#1 Basic Grills: This types of George Foreman grill are small in size, ranging from 2-9 servings. They don't have any advanced feature. Basically, these indoor grills are the most budget friendly option and best for single professionals.

#2 Advanced Grills: These are equipped with some extra functionalities than the basic grills, like- removable plates for easy clean up, temperature control, timer, dishwasher safety feature etc.

#3 Premium Grills: The Grills from this category comes with all the features like the Advanced category. Moreover, they are the latest innovations from George foreman Grill with some additional features like- multiple plates, Counter top broiling, high-heat searing capacity etc. 

#4 G.F Indoor/Outdoor Grills: As its name suggests. You can use them as a indoor or outdoor grill, because they feature a removable stand which makes it easy to grill in your kitchen or in the backyard. Best for serving a crowd ( 12-15 servings ) at a time.

Pro Tips: You should consider the 4 different categories before making a final buying decision. We've included the category name  of our recommended G.F Grill models in the Comparison Chart.

What makes it different from other brands and models available on the market? Why are the George Foreman Electric Grills considered to the best among the available electric grills?

There are numerous reasons behind this acceptance and recognition throughout the world. The primary thing that will attract you most is the clamshell shape. When you know that it cooks the food from both sides at the same time (which reduces the cooking time) must start to feel love for it! 

Another thing is the floating hinge, which keeps a space between the plates that adjust the thickness of the food put to be cooked.

The most significant thing that makes the George Foreman electric grill different from others is the grill plates’ downward-slanting angle feature. This feature reduces the fat content from the meats while cooking the foods by enabling meat drippings.

I have been analyzing every possible issue regarding these grills for a long time. Most of the George Foreman Electric Grill Reviews either by users, or by experts, or even by the review agencies have shown overwhelming appreciation about most of the models of these series. Actually, they found nothing serious that they can state as negative.

Overall, each model of the George Foreman Series is a remarkable example of successful products that can meet the demands.

10 Best George Foreman Grill Reviews – How Did I Analyze?

All of the models have a significant record of user satisfaction. Finding out the best options is a tricky task, which I have done critically.

Initially, I studied the background of every model produced under the four subcategories. Then, have figured out the best-sold and most-appreciated (by users) machine list and from each of the categories (especially indoor and outdoor), I have taken more than 15 models. I checked out their features, working areas, working ways, electricity consumption, cooking performance, user experience, their objections, experts’ opinion, and some other related things.

Finally, after a comprehensive research, I’ve come to a decision depending on my own analytical understanding, which is the outcome – the Best George Foreman Grill List.

We have primarily divided the grilling machines into two different categories- Indoor Grills and Indoor/Outdoor Grills for the sake of writing reviews, then included the best options under the subcategories. Let’s discuss about the selections with a short brief about the categories.

Indoor Grills - Best George Foreman Indoor Grills Review

When you need to get the test of real homemade grilled meat yet to avoid the fat, then one of the best indoor grills can be the right solution. Here I’m going to present the Best George Foreman Indoor grills-


George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

The first one that I picked for the list is the George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evolve Grill. You can use this George Foreman multi-plate evolve grill for indoor grilling purposes only as it’s made to serve this way. It’s an excellent choice which you will love to use.

This Evolve Grill System versatile grilling machine, will offer you several numbers of cooking options. Basically, it's a machine that combine the functionality of 3 different kitchen appliance. It can be used as a grill maker, panini maker and waffle maker.

This model includes ceramic plates and waffle plates. To make delicious meals (chicken, burgers, steak, veggies etc.), use the ceramic grill plates. The George Foreman grill removable plates dishwasher safe feature will keep both the machine and plates safe and comfortable to use. You can take help from the George foreman evolve grill recipes in this regard. You can enjoy an adjustable cooking angle facility with the help of 2 waffle plates.

The grill plates are premium-quality and covered with a nonstick ceramic coating (multilayer). This is the main reason for the dishwasher safety. It helps to simplify the cleaning as it reduces extra need for butter and oil. They are completely removable and easy to wipe out too.

This is not a George foreman evolve grill with bake and muffin pan, still, users have their blind dependency on it due to other cooking facilities. You can check the George Foreman GRP4800R for this purpose.

However, you can control the cooking time and temperature of the GRP4842MB with the digital control panel integrated with the machine.You can set the temperature ranges from 325-450 °F to cook different kinds of food. Additionally, The 500 searing burst feature will provide an opportunity to raise the temperature up to 500°F just for 90 seconds, which will gives you a restaurant-standard result at home.

One minor complain about this evolve grilling machine is, it just accommodates 5 servings at a time.

What I Liked:

  • Multiple cooking options
  • High-heat searing burst up to 500°F
  • Excellent control with the digital control panel
  • Multi-layer, nonstick dishwasher safe ceramic coating
  • The plates are easy to handle with the cool-touch release feature
  • One of the best george foreman grill for steaks. 
  • All the parts are dishwasher safe

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The nonstick plates becomes nonstick no more after heavy uses for a long time.
  • You might get chemical odor emanating from the grill.


George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press, Black, GRP1060B

( Best Budget Pick )

The George Foreman GRP1060B is a small tabletop grill that has 60-inch cooking space where it can cook up to four servings (4 burgers or a medium chicken breast) at the same time. The electric grill plates come with dishwasher safety feature, so it’s easy to use and clean after use.

The nonstick coating layer over the advanced ceramic plates enables the cooker to cook food with a low amount of oil or butter. The plates are durable and capable of withstanding the regular grilling and cleaning. The 1-inch adjustable hinge offers a variety of cuts of vegetables and meat.

It can heat 35% faster than many other models of the Foreman line. It can cook in just 10 minutes. It’s similar to the searing feature as described in the previous grill review.

Like the first one, it also comes with the adjustable grilling angle feature. But, there is no digital control panel that can regulate the total temperature control mechanism. It might be tough to understand this way whether the food is grilled or over-grilled inside the machine. 

However, there are few indicator lights. One of them shows when a grill is plugged in, and the others show whether the grill is preheated and/or ready to cook up.

What I Liked:

  • A fast and easy way to cook
  • Capable of grilling numerous delicious meals
  • The sloped surface inside the machine grills and drains up to 42% of fat.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Variety of cuts of vegetables and meat
  • Indicator lights
  • 35% faster cooking or grilling
  • Excellent user satisfaction record
  • thumbs-o-up
    Affordable Price

What I Didn’t Like:

  • No timer or on/off switch on this grill (no digital control panel)
  • Not satisfactory dishwasher safety
  • Sometimes you may get awful burning plastic smell


George Foreman GR0040B 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill

The George Foreman GR0040B 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill is one of the most economical grills on the line. It’s literally a classic grill for one or two persons’ use. You cannot expect it to be the frills grills as it’s bare bones mini. However, it can accomplish nearly everything that you want from it as a grilling machine. It’s a perfect choice for a single person or a college student who has no kitchen space yet want the best taste of grilled foods.

Cooking time is quite fast. Like other George Foreman grills, it comes with the sloped surface feature, which enables the machine grills and drains up to 42% of fat.

The cool touch handle will help you use comfortably and nonstick layer over the plate will make the unit easy to use. You can wrap the cord added to it. Overall, the George Foreman GR0040B is a great economical choice that offers the expected grilling facility.

What I Liked:

  • Classic style 2-serving grill
  • Fast and fat reducing cook
  • Economical option
  • Easy to use and store
  • Cord can be wrapped
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Nonstick cooking surface

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Grill plates aren’t removable
  • Not easy to clean
  • Not a choice where you can adjust the temperature


George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Next Grilleration Grill

Our second selection was 4 serving. If you are looking for something a bit bigger than that one, the George Foreman Grill with Removable Plates 5 serving Next Grilleration Grill might be the right choice. It has a cooking space (72 square inches) which is sufficient for 5 serving at a time.

Like the previous grills, it has a durable nonstick coating layer over the ceramic plates. You already know the functions of such a coating. The plates are removable and dishwasher safe.

The patented feature “sloped surface” ensures fat reduction from the meat and other fatty food while cooking. The floating hinges allow cooking various foods of different thickness at a time; the grill holds the foods tightly with the help of the hinges.

It can cook the foods evenly from both the sides. But, it takes a bit more time to be heated up initially. But, once it’s heated up takes minimal time to cook. There is no on/off switch which is a serious drawback.

Actually, it’s almost similar to the second choice except for the 4 serving feature. Overall, this 5 Serving Next Grilleration Grill is a good investment that will give back you enough for your spent amount. For convenience and easy use, this is a decent choice.

What I Liked:

  • Capable of grilling numerous delicious meals
  • The patented feature “sloped surface drains up to 42% of fat while grilling
  • Removable dishwasher safe plates
  • Convenient and easy-to-use
  • Indicator lights
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Excellent customer support

What I Didn’t Like:

  • No timer or on/off switch on this grill
  • Takes around 15 minutes to be heated fully


George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Electric Nonstick Grill with 5 Removable Plates

The fifth choice has some similarities with the fourth. For instance, it has a 72 square inches cooking space which is sufficient for 5 serving at a time. The unit comes with 5 different grill plates. Like the previous grills, it has a durable nonstick coating layer over the ceramic plates. In addition, it has a non-scratch coating. The plates are removable and dishwasher safe.

This George Foreman Grill with Removable Plates provides versatile cooking facilities including waffles, grilling, baking, cooking paninis, and griddle cooking. You won’t need to purchase any additional accessories as the grill already has them. You can switch out the plate easily. 

It comes with temperature control feature. Unlike the second best choice, it can control the temperature with the help of digital control panel. There are three different settings 1, 2, and 3, which indicates low, medium, and high. The on/off button adds extended safety.

Definitely, it’s worth the price. Cooking is easy and comfortable; cleaning and other maintenance as well. The versatile grilling machine will give you every cooking facility and taste what you want.

What I Liked:

  • Versatile cooing facility
  • Durable nonstick coating, non-scratch coating
  • Stay cool-touch handles
  • Dishwasher-safe grill plates
  • Enough spacious for cooking full meal of two or three persons
  • Different and well-controlled power setting
  • Excellent functionality with both the tilted option (grilling) and flat (for panini)
  • thumbs-o-up
    Fast heating up

What I Didn’t Like:

  • You might get heavy chemical smell for first several times, will be lighter gradually.
  • A few user reported that the top stake plate has a design flaw
  • thumbs-o-down
    A little bit bulky to store


George Foreman 9-Serving Basic Plate Electric Grill and Panini Press, 144-Square-Inch, Platinum, GR2144P

​If you want the facilities and convenience of a small tabletop grill in a larger family version grill, then George Foreman GR144 9-Serving Classic Plate Grill is for you. It’s designed specifically for this purpose along with other additional issues.

It comes with a 144 square inches even surface (grill plates) that can accommodate 9 serving at a time. You can cook enough burgers for a 5-member family or 4 regular size steaks in it. But, you cannot get the facility of removable plates.

Although you should not worry as the non-stick surface is easy to wipe clean. You just need to use a damp sponge right after cooking. And, it still comes with the dishwasher safety.

The floating hinges allow cooking various foods of different thickness at a time; the grill holds the foods tightly with the help of the hinges. Unlike our 4th top pick, It's also able to cook the foods evenly from both the sides. With the easy-to-operate design, you can get the opportunity to get the food quickly heated up. You just need to plug the cord in the electric line.

For added convenience, this George Foreman 9-Serving Basic Plate Electric Grill comes with a preheat indicator light. It provides the best value for the price. One thing that you should be careful about is the wiping task; you should do it immediately after cooking (as early as possible).

What I Liked:

  • Enough space for 9 servings (144 square inches)
  • Classic easy-to-operate design
  • Combination of classic and advanced facilities
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Healthier cooking with the patented sloped design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Added convenience with the preheat indicator light

What I Didn’t Like:

  • No removable grill plate
  • Grease can drip out the back
  • thumbs-o-down
    There is no on/off switch and temperature control panel.


George Foreman 6-Serving Removable Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press, Silver, GRP99

If you're searching for a best indoor grill with removable plates, then this is for you. With a 100 square inches cooking surface, the George Foreman 6 Serving Removable Plate Grill is a good choice for mid-big family cooking. It’s also known as George Foreman lean mean fat grilling machine.It comes with non-stick coating plates, sloping fat reduction design, adjustable temperature control, and digital timer. You can use the unit for cooking 6 hamburgers at the same time.

The plates are removable and dishwasher safe which simplifies the total use and cleaning process. The total task will be far easy with the cool-touch handles integrated with the grilling machine.

It cooks fast and smooth. With the 1-1/2-inch floating hinge, it will provide you with the multi-cooking facility at the same time. Overall, it’s one of the best George foreman grill with removable plates.

What I Liked:

  • Large 100 square inches cooking surface
  • Nonstick cooking surface can be wiped clean easily
  • Adjustable temperature control and digital timer
  • Three color options- Black, Silver, and Red
  • Longer hinge makes it possible to cook thicker sandwiches
  • thumbs-o-up
    Grilling plates are easily removable for dishwasher washing.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Some complaints against the heat- it’s not satisfactory
  • Although we experienced fast cooking, some users have found it slow as per their uses
  • thumbs-o-down
    Cord length is too short.


George Foreman 5-Serving Multi-Plate Evolve Grill System with Ceramic Plates and Waffle Plates

The 5 serving George Foreman Grill Evolve Multi-Plate grilling machine is another worthy collection on the George Foreman line. As suggested in the name “5 serving” indicates that you can cook all foods for your family in it. 

The George Foreman GRP4842RB can cook a wide variety of foods using the ceramic grill and waffle plates. The cooking versatility makes it preferable for the users, although most of the G.F. grills have this multi-food cooking feature. Additional accessories like- bake and muffin pan, griddle plate, mini-burger grill plate insert, omelet plate are available to purchase separately. 

The George Foreman 3 in 1 Evolve Grill System is a versatile one that can cook multiple foods. To make delicious meals (chicken, burgers, steak, veggies etc.), use the ceramic grill plates. The George Foreman grill removable plates dishwasher safe feature will keep both the machine and plates safe and comfortable to use.

The grill plates are premium-quality and covered with a nonstick ceramic coating (multi layer). It helps to simplify the cleaning as it reduces extra need for butter and oil. They are completely removable and easy to wipe out too. 

Is this the model known as George foreman evolve grill with bake and muffin pan?

No. This unit does not comes with any bake and muffin pan.The George Foreman GRP4800R unit is the only George foreman evolve grill with bake and muffin pan. Although there're are similarities between the GRP4800R unit and GRP4842RB (current unit). Both of the unit are under "Evolve Grill" series and has pretty similar features, power consumption etc.

The key difference is that the George Foreman GRP4800R unit comes with "a Ceramic Plates, a Deep Dish Bake Pan and a Muffin Pan" whereas, the George Foreman GRP4842RB (this unit) is equipped with "a Ceramic Plates and a Waffle Plates".

As, the GRP4800R is a versatile unit, so the price is little bit higher than the  GRP4842RB unit, but it will be a great buy.

What I Liked:

  • Good one for granny units or studio apartments
  • Versatile cooking capacity
  • Keeps the heat even provide quality heating
  • Comes with dishwasher safe feature
  • Digital temperature control panel and timer makes it possible to set temperature from 300˚ - 425˚.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Fast cooking once heated up

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Takes a bit more time to be heated up initially
  • It’s reported by the user that the plates are loosely coupled to the heaters

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grills Review

George foreman outdoor grill

The larger grilling surface of George Foreman outdoor grill, lets you make over 15 servings for large groups of people.

Soon after the grand success of the George Foreman Indoor Grilling Machines on the 90's, the manufacturer expanded its production arena and included different categories. It started to produce some grills which were suitable to use in both places- indoor and outdoor. These are known as indoor/outdoor grills.

In the George Foreman's indoor/outdoor grill category, there are more than 10 grills currently. Among them, we have picked the best two model, for the George Foreman indoor outdoor grill review section. Let’s check them out-


George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Silver, GGR50B

When you need an electric grill for fulfilling the cooking demands of a crowd, the George Foreman GGR50B 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill is the right choice. It’s portable and very versatile, which have made the machine a public choice. Among the currently available best outdoor grills, this one is in the top position.

It’s an ideal choice for the outdoor enthusiasts, tailgates, or any other who needs a big standup grill machine. If you are hungry with a lot of your friends, the grill is going to serve you as a master performer.

As said earlier, it’s a versatile unit so you can cook delicious meals of meats, kebabs, veggies, desserts, and many more. You can use the unit in outdoor as easy as you can use the indoor grills.

The grill plates are covered with a nonstick ceramic coating (multi-layer). They are completely removable and easy to wipe out too. The patented slope surface ensures sufficient fat removal. There is a removable stand that will take you from patio to counter top in no time. Overall, this is the best pick in the indoor and outdoor category.

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill Review:

What I Liked:

  • Durable and pretty big
  • 240 square inches circular grill surface
  • 15 servings that accommodate large groups of people
  • Long lasting multi-layer non-stick coating
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easily removable stand
  • thumbs-o-up
    Very high value for the money

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Not easy to store due to the large size
  • Poor setup instructions
  • thumbs-o-down
    Cord should have been longer


George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Rectangular Electric Grill, Red, GFO201R

​The second best indoor/outdoor grills in the George Foreman lineup is the George Foreman GFO201R Rectangular Electric Grill. It comes in three different sizes- family, compact, and entertaining. The alternative health grill has detachable ceramic grill plates.

All of the plates are non-stick, easy-to-remove, and dishwasher safe. Another facility of this outdoor unit is that you can add-on different plates necessary and well-fit for much other cooking.

The health grill lets the fat drip away from the foods (especially meat) via the angled grill and grooves. You can control the cooking time and temperature of the George Foreman GFO201RX with the digital control panel integrated with the machine. The advanced technology will provide you to ensure the exact temperature of the food as necessary.

What I Liked:

  • Easy to clean as advertised
  • Non-stick, dishwasher safe plates
  • Enhanced fat reduction capacity up to 42%
  • Versatile cooking capacity
  • Plate add-on feature
  • thumbs-o-up
    Temperature control mechanism
  • thumbs-o-up
    Drip away tray

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Wobbly connection in between the stand and grill
  • Smaller and narrower than advertised

A Buying Guide – What to Consider Before Buying the Best George Foreman Grill

While purchasing the  George Foreman Grills, you have to keep some of the things into your consideration. These are pretty simple yet will keep impacts on your decision to make it right. Let’s discuss the stuff in brief-

1. Purpose and Size: Purpose of your purchase and size are always serious fact. You have to fix for what purpose you are going to purchase the grilling machine and decide the size accordingly. If you need it for only for your personal use, then go for a small indoor version.

On the other hand, go for a 5 or more serving version if you want it for your family cooking purpose. Similarly, go for a bigger outdoor/indoor version if you want to use it for an outing, camping, or picnic purposes with other friends.

2. Features: Some of the features are pretty common among all the George Foreman Grilling Machines. But, different models come with few or more distinguished features, which you need to consider before purchasing. You should buy that option with some features which meet most of your requirements.

# Look for a foreman grill with detachable plates if you have a dishwasher.

# For cooking larger items, you should buy a foreman grill which has floating hinge or pivoting lids.

# As a burger lover, you should emphasize on those models which have a plastic lid over one of the hot plates in the top of the grill.

3. Balance Your Necessity and Budget: Decide according to your budget and necessity. Although it’s tough, you should try your best to make a balance between your necessity and budget.

Final Words:

 As you have seen the total and comprehensive analysis, I think you have got enough idea to decide whether you should buy a George Foreman Grills or not. At the same time, you have understood about which one you should buy.

You can pick any of the listed selections. But, if you ask me to figure out the best two, I would love to say the George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evolve Grill for indoor purposes, and George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill Silver for outdoor purposes. Hope for the best purchase!

Featured Image Credit: www.theverge.com


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